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Some common Cork Surnames: The chief surnames in rural County Cork include: McCarthy, Callaghan, McAuliffe, Fitzgerald, Sullivan, Murphy, Walsh, Connor and Connell. 

Emigration from County Cork: The major period of emigration from this area was after the Great Famine of 1847. Emigrants went chiefly to the USA, Canada and Australia with large numbers settling in the US State of Oregon. Rural County Cork was heavily populated at the time of the Great Famine. A large portion of the population lived almost exclusively on potatoes. Mortality was high after the potato crop failed, due to fever and starvation.



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History of County Cork (in Irish and English)

Surnames of County Cork

Ballymoney Parish; Griffith's Valuation 1848-1864
County and City of Cork Directory 1875--1876
County Cork Surnames Database
County Cork Surname Interest List 
Confirmation Records Parishes of Enniskeane, Desertserges, and Kinneigh (1860-90)
Desertserges Parish; Tithe Applotment Records April 1829 - try www.archive.org for http://www.ginnisw.com/tithe.htm


Enniskeane, Desertserges, and Kinneigh Parishes; Confirmation Records from RC Church of the Immaculate Conception ,Enniskeane.
Genuki's pages for County Cork 
Henry & Coghlan's General Directory Of Cork For 1867
Index to Grifftih's Valuation of Ireland1848-1864 several  parishes are transcribed here  including Ballymoney, Killowen, Kinneigh, Murragh and Templemartin.

Land Owners in Ireland 1876 Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards, Co Cork.
Libraries & Historical Societies
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society  several pages of online resources here
Mallow; Index of Names over 7,000 names in this database
Mallow Parish; Landowners of more than one acre resident in Mallow area, 1876

Mayors of Cork 1199-present
Royal Irish Constabulary Records 1847-1849


Diocese of Cloyne; 1766 Census
Mallow Parish; 1766 Census
Parishes of Kilcrumper, Kilworth, Leitrim, and Macroney; 1851 Census (warning: very large file over 500 k)


Cork Battalion 1916 A list of names in the Cork City Battalion in 1916.

Ships Passenger Lists - www.immigrantships.net

1823.. Cork to Quebec on The Stakesby

Families of County Cork, Ireland : From the Earliest Times to the 20th Century: Irish Family Surnames With Locations & Origins:  Including English, sc by Michael C. O'Laughlin

History and Locations. Thousands of Cork Families, census extracts, maps and illustrations. Hardbound. ISBN 0940134357. 220 pages.  $34.00

Famous People with Cork Roots:

U.S. Congress Speaker Tip O'Neill has roots in this area as had the famous Irish Member of Parliament John Philpot Curran, William O'Brien M.P., John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia and Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation order of nuns. Sliabh Luachra, with its renouned history of music and culture is in this area.