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James WHITE  b: 1749    d: August 06, 1815 in Drumore Twp., Lancaster County, PA James WHITE is buried in Chestnut Level Lower Cemetery  James WHITE married Elizabeth GIBSON  daughter of John and Margaret GIBSON.

Click on pictures below to enlarge it. "James WHITE departed this life August 6, 1815, Ages 66 years." Recent pictures taken at Chestnut Level Lower Cemetery www.rootsweb.com/~paslchs/clpceml.html see also: http://pa-roots.com/lancaster/cemetery/chestnut.html According to Egle and others the church was organized ca 1719.

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                     1068 CHESTNUT LEVEL ROAD

Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church is located at the intersection of
Chestnut Level and River Roads west of Pennsylvania Highway 272 in the
southern part of Lancaster County, near Hensel, about 8 miles north of the
PA/MD state line.

According to Egle and others the church was organized ca 1719.


Tax Lists: Direct Tax, 1815: Drumore Twp, Lancaster Co  Submitted courtesy of Southern Lancaster County Historical Society, P.O. Box 33, Quarryville, Pa, 17566 or e-mail to SLCHS@aol.com 

The following is the direct tax for Drumore township, Lancaster county ,Pa. for the year of 1815 Land owners taxed on property, homes, barns etc... on the land. Included here will be the land owner and the names of persons with adjoining property and number of acres. If your Ancestor is found further check of these records could tell you the size of their home, if it was one or two story, sometimes if it was stone or log, size and building material of barns and other out buildings. and lastly the amount of properties worth. This will include Non - residents owning property in this township. They are listed as non - Res. after their name ASH, Pheneas non - res. 

Land adjoining George WITHERS, Robert SHIPPING and others 200 acres 

ANKRIM, Wm Land adjoining James WHITE, James BUCHANAN, James ANKRIM, James McSPARRAN and others 130 acres

CLARK, Rob't Land adjoining James WHITE, Henry McCRABB and others 266 acres

McPHERSON, James Land adjoining James WHITE, Philip HOUSEKEEPER, James McPHERSON Jr., Dr. James ANKRIM and others 170 acres 

WHITE, James Land adjoining Rob't CLARK, James McPHERSON, Wm ANKRIM and others 82 acres

Tax Lists: Direct Tax, 1815: Colerain Twp, Lancaster Co

GABLE, Eve Land adjoining John WHITE and others
RIDGE, John Andrews Land adjoining James THOMPSON, John WHITE and others
THOMPSON, James Land adjoining John CRAWFORD , John WHITE and others
WHITE, John Land adjoining Henry SWISHER, Widow GABLE and others 
WORK, And'r Land adjoining Alex'r MORRISON and others

1771 Lancaster Borough Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Proprietary Tax List 
Taken from PA Archives, Series 3, Volume 17. This list has been alphabetized with spellings as found in the text. 

Name                          Acres   Horses  Cattle  Servants    Tax

WHITE, William                          2       2       2     1 .5 .0

Tax List:1815 Direct Tax: Little Britain Township Submitted courtesy of Southern Lancaster County Historical Society, P.O. Box 33, Quarryville, Pa, 17566 or e-mail to

GIBSON, John Land Adjoining Wm GIBSON, John CURTS & others 192 Acres 
GIBSON & HILL Land Adjoining Wm FULTON, Mary CARTER & others 120 Acres 
GIBSON, Wm , Sr Land Adjoining Martha CAMBEL, John GIBSON & others 165 Acres

Chestnut Level Presbyterian, Lower Cemetery:

WHITE, James - Died Aug. 6, 1815 age 66yrs - georgeann's ancestor
WHITE, Janet - Died Sept. 28, 1746 age 2yr -
first reference I've seen to "Janet WHITE"

James' son James married Elizabeth "Betsy" Mitchel - perhaps related to these people also buried at Chestnut Level Presbyterian, Lower Cemetery:

MITCHAL, Eliza - Died Oct 1, 1742 age 4 mo 
MITCHELL, James - Died April 16, 1752 age 2 yr 8 mo 
MITCHEL, John- Died Nov. 16, 1751 age 8 yrs 
MITCHELL, Robert - Died April 7, 1752 age 6 yrs 

Little Britain Presbyterian Cemetery 

 (markers below are next to each other)

GIBSON, Eleanor Died May 19, 1839 age 29yr 6mo 12days -
side 2 
GIBSON, Benjamin Died Aug 1, 1861 age 62yr 
side 3 
GIBSON, Jacob Age 5 months 
side 4 
GIBSON, Jane Ann Age 3 years 
stone 5 
MITCHELL, Anna Born May 15 1801 Died Aug 24, 1858 
stone 6 

(markers below are next to each other)

GIBSON, Mary Jane Born 1833 Died 1924 
stone 21 (Father) 
GIBSON, John Born 1795 Died Mar 27 1880 
stone 22 (wife of John) 
GIBSON Martha Born Nov 27, 1794 Died Feb 4, 18?? 76 
stone 23 (widow of Robert) 

PATTON, Elizabeth H. Born 1833 Died 1917 
GIBSON, Allison S. only thing readable 1867 
Stone#12 (brother, son of A.S. & L.H.) 
GIBSON, Jerome B. Died Aug. 24, 1878 age 26yr 6mo17days 
Stone#13 (sister, dau of A.S.& L. H.) 
GIBSON, Sarah Elma Died April 21, 1887 age 19yr 11mo. 7 days 
REED, Lewis D. Born 1852 Died 1923 
Wife Christiann Taylor Born 1850 Died 1931 
Stone#15 (Sister, dau of John & Elizabeth) 

Colerain Township, Lancaster County, Pa Formerly Free Presbyterian Church, East side of Pa route 896 
GIBSON, Catherine - Died April 7, 1869 

WHITE, John Jr. Born June 10, 1796 died May6, 1829 age 32yr 10mo26days 
stone 2 


Drumore and Little Britain Townships (Lancaster Co.) at bottom of map,  bordering Chester County, PA and the state of Maryland