From: John W Boring   Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 

I was looking at your website and I am interested in the White family described there since I am trying to track down the ancestry of a John White that may have been related to the folks that you mention. This John White migrated to East TN around 1780 and on his tombstone he is said to be born 15 Jul 1754 and died 25 Aug 1796. Family tradition says that he was Scotch-Irish and some references claimed that he came to TN from PA, which is logical since many of his neighbors did, some of these coming from the Lancaster Co area. John's children were named Sarah, James, Elizabeth, Adam Francis, William and Martha. I wonder about the possibility that this John is brother to the James White that you say was born 1749 and was son of William White.

If you have any ideas that would help me in learning something about the ancestry of my John White, I would very much appreciate it.