Faggs Manor is near Cochranville, Chester County. It is currently part of the Octorara School District.The Chester County Historical Society should be your first place to look. Their files are excellent!

The third generation of our WHITE ancestors, Jacob WHITE was born near Faggs Manor. It is interesting to note that the Presbyterian Ministers mentioned below are also names WHITE. Our WHITE ancestors were Presbyterian ministers for generations, but I have no evidence of any relationship. However, our information in the 1700s is very sketchy.

From F & C; About 1702, some surveys were make to the west of Londongrove, for Letitia Penn and her brother Willliam PENN, but the land went too far beyond the regular settlements and nothing could be done towards selling it... so it remained for many years. There were 2 tracts, of nearly 5000 acres each, and Letitia's was called Fagg's Manor, in honor of Sir John Fagg, and the name was particularly kept alive by the Presbyterian church, which is situated near the NW corner of the manor. The Manor land was resurveyed in 1737, and divided among settlers into many tracts. The settlers did not pay for the land or get deeds for it for many years afterward, so the deeds in many cases were not granted to the original settlers, causing many problems. Much of this region was largely settled by Scots-Irish Presbyterians, and from the first, the church has been a strong one. Fagg's Manor Presbyterian church dates from 1730, and was first called New Londonderry, but the name soon gave way to Fagg's Manor. On Sept. 9, 1809, Rev. Robert WHITE was installed as the pastor, and his ministry continued until his death, Sept. 20, 1835. Mr. White was a man of untiring zeal and devotion. His wife was a daughter of Rev. Nathan Grier, of Brandywine Manor, under whom he had studied theology. Two of his sons, Robert M. WHITE and Nathan Grier WHITE, became clergymen.

I also saw a book on Faggs' Manor in the Huntington Beach, CA Public Libraries collection of "Orange County Genealogy Society books."


Church: Death and Baptism Records, 1781-1793: Faggs Manor Presbyterian Church, Chester County, PA