John MALOWNEY/MALONEY (1816-1911) and some of his family lived in Dayton, Howard County, MD. He is buried in St. Louis Cemetery, Ellicott City, Howard Co., MD. 

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Howard County

St. Augustine's in Elkridge St. John Neumann founded this parish 1844. It served the people of the southern end of the county. M2667-M2668

St. John's in Columbia This parish was established in Columbia in 1967. As part of the planned growth of the Rouse Company development, St. John's became a partner in the ecumenical outlook of Columbia. Today it has the largest congregation in Columbia. M4251

St. Louis in Clarksville This parish was established in 1855 and served the western section of the County. It was a small country parish until the 1970s, when large housing growth began  in Howard County. M2853-M2854

St. Paul's in Ellicott City This parish was established in 1838 and served the needs of the County for over twenty years. It started serving the mill workers in Ellicott City. In the 1903s, many couples who eloped went to St. Paul's to get married. M2907-M2909


Collection Number MSA SC 2583
Collection Name St. Paul's Parish Collection
Dates 1838-1981
Description St. Paul's Parish, Archdiocese of Baltimore, Roman Catholic, Howard County, Ellicott City: general register 1838-1891; baptisms 1838-1981; marriages 1839-1867, 1870-1981; interments 1892-1968; deaths 1840-1865, 1869-1891, 1969-1981; confirmations 1840-1858, 1871-1962; first communions 1840-1858.
Film Number M 2907 - M 2909
Medium Microfilm
Collection History The Catholics in the Ellicott City area were originally served by priests at St. Mary's Chapel, Doughoregan Manor. But with the continued increase of immigrants and Catholic population in the 1830s, Father Henry Coskery was stationed in the area and was instrumental in the formation of the parish of St. Paul. He was its first rector but left by 1839 for other archdiocesan duties. The church was built on land given by John Ellicott and his wife. The two lots were formerly part of a tract called "Westchester" which bordered a branch of the Patapsco River. Other land was purchased on adjoining lots as the need arose for a graveyard and rectory. The Rockhill Academy, purchased and run by the Christian Brothers from 1857-1823 was closely associated with the parish.

In 1974, St. Paul Parish was divided and a new parish called the Church of the Resurrection was carved out of the original boundaries.

Restrictions RESTRICTED: Post-1920 baptisms are restricted. For access, contact the church
Location Microfilm only

Collection Number MSA SC 2582
Collection Name St. Louis Church Collection
Dates 1856-1981
Description St. Louis Church, Archdiocese of Baltimore, Roman Catholic, Howard County, Clarksville: general register 1856-1886; baptisms 1856-1981; first communions 1967-1981; confirmations 1857, 1868, 1874, 1879, 1886, 1969-1980; marriages 1859-1885, 1887-1981; interments, St. Louis and St. Mary's Chapel 1887-1982; confirmations, St. Louis and St. Mary's Chapel 1890-1966; first communions, St. Louis and St. Mary's Chapel 1887-1888, 1890-1966; baptisms, St. Mary's Chapel 1871-1980; births, St. Mary's Chapel 1915-1916, 1936; marriages, St. Mary's Chapel 1871-1976.
Film Number M 2853 - M 2854
Medium Microfilm
Collection History The frist church called St. Louis in Howard County was built in 1855, a few miles from Clarksville, on land donated by John O'Donnell and wife. Catholics in the area were at that time attended by the Sulpician fathers from St. Charles College and it was due to the energies of one of them, the Reverend Hugh Griffin, that St. Louis was begun.

When the original church became too small for the growing congregation, a new site in Clarksville was given in 1889 by John Clark for a church, school, and rectory. The parish cemetery and the old church, however, were maintained by the parish on the former O'Donnell land.

When Columbia was built, a part of St. Louis Parish was assigned to the Catholic division of the Interfaith Center located in Columbia. A third church called St. Louis was dedicated in Clarksville in November 1980.

The priests at St. Louis also served St Mary's Chapel at Doughoregan Manor. The chapel, which is the burial place of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, was devised in 1831 by him to the archbishop of Baltimore for "Public worship." It was built earlyin the eighteenth century and used by the Carroll family and probably by Catholics in that region until St. Louis was constructed. Hence records of the "Faithful" prior to 1831 in Clarksville and its environs would be recorded in the manor records. Unfortunately, no records prior to 1856 are held by St. Louis Parish.

Restrictions RESTRICTED: Post-1920 baptisms are restricted. For access, contact the church
Location Microfilm only 


Archives of Maryland - Historical List - Constitutional Convention, 1776
From 1774 to 1776, Maryland was governed by nine provincial conventions. On July 3, 1776, the Eighth Convention resolved that a new constitution be elected to form a new government "by the authority of the people only."

Delegates to the Ninth Convention, known now as the Constitutional Convention of 1776, were elected by propertied freemen on August 1, 1776. This Ninth Convention, which framed Maryland's first state constitution, assembled at Annapolis on August 14, 1776, and adjourned November 11, 1776.[1]

Matthew Tilghman, Chairman
Gabriel Duvall, Clerk

Talbot County:

Worcester County:
Josiah E. Mitchell


Jacob Gibson
Jacob Gibson
Jacob Gibson

Senate, Eastern Shore (1777-1837)
Source: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., Archives of Maryland, Historical List,
new series, Vol. 1. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1990.
Eward C. Papenfuse, et al., A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789, Vols. 1&2.  Annapolis, MD: Maryland State
Archives, 1985.

1809, June Special Session
Jacob Gibson
Jacob Gibson
Jacob Gibson

Maryland Taxes - 1678 and 1681 
Talbot County
Gibson, William - 300

52nd Congress, 1891-1893
Charles H. Gibson
[ 26 ] (Democrat)
Arthur Pue Gorman (Democrat)

53rd Congress, 1893-1895
Charles H. Gibson (Democrat)
Arthur Pue Gorman (Democrat)

54th Congress, 1895-1897
Charles H. Gibson (Democrat)

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