Naturalization Records for Jonas ODENBAUGH

Witnesses for others naturalized in 1763 at the same place/date as Jonas ODENBAUGH include: Jonas ODENBACH, Jonas ODENBACK, and Jos ODENBACK...however these names could be misspelled.

The reference that Jonas' "proper name" was Jonas Stohler Von ADENBACH" is questioned by a researcher who wrote: "As far as I know the term "von" was only used by the Prussian landowners, and not until later in l9th century.  There are no "vons" listed in early immigration lists, only "vans'" which is Dutch." Previously other researchers told me "von" often preceded the names of "landowners."
My Memoirs by Thomas HUGHES, 1888 (descendents of Jonas' granddaughter Mary (ODENBAUGH) HUGHES wrote: The progenitor in this country was Jonas Odenbaugh, more properly Jonas Stohler Von ADENBACH. His residence was the then county, now city, of Baltimore including a large part of the square at the southeast corner of Pitt, now Fayette Street and Temple Street. His residence has long since given place to other structures. His wife was an English lady. All that I know of his personal habits is that he wore a wig, gold ring, sleave buttons and shoe buckles, and possessed a beautiful hunting gun--rather curious and isolated knowledge to possess of an ancestor.  I know further, that he died prior to April 14,1768 leaving no relatives in this country other than a minor child, Charles who attained his majority in 1780.

1)  It was suggested we check what church records in Odenbach (or Adenbach, that is a village not far from Odenbach) say about a Jonas Stohler. Odenbach and Adenbach are 25 miles northwest of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

2) PALATINES website (Germans to PA in the 1700s) After William Penn went to Germany in the early 1700s, many of the Germans came to America (esp. PA). Some went to England before America. One researcher thinks it is probable that Jonas went from Germany to England before America.

3) We have the naturalization papers from the Maryland Archives.
Jonas ODENBAUGH is listed in Colonial Maryland Naturalizations published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Call number G, 975.2, Rec, 19.3., page 46 Listing no. 231 ODENBAUGH, Jonas; German; 14 Sep 1763 (1st date listed); 11 Sep 1763 (2nd date listed) Provincial Court Judgments, Book DD4-l33. is listed for Jonas and several others listed on 14 Sep 1763

St. Paul's-(Anglican Church)-taking communion at a Protestant church was a requirement of naturalization. St. Pauls is the parish for the southern area of Baltimore County (starting in 1692). Another researcher wrote: I wonder why Jonas joined the Anglian Church. A German from the Palatinate would join the Reformed Church. This again is a strong hint that Jonas came from England or that he had lived there for a while!

Chase-name of minister
wit (witnesses ?) Carl Shiel, Martin Tchudi
On the same page 46 are THREE listings with Witness names VERY similar
#227 Shield, Charles...witnesses: Jonas ODENBACK, Marti Tschudi
#228 Chudy, Martin*  (The swiss name Tschudi (Chudy is a variation of Tschudi) is pronounced Judy in English)
witnesses: Jonas ODENBACH, Carl Shiel
#229 Hush, Valentine...witnesses: William Piper, Jos ODENBACK
Note: ODENBACK is a common surname in Germany. The English pronounce it ODENBACK. Also, these names could be mispelled or transcribed incorrectly.
Jonas Odenbaugh attended services and took Communion at a Prot. Church (one of the requirements of naturalization) on Sept ll, 1763 was naturalized on Sept l4th. Chase was the Minister who provided the religious service at  St. Paul's Anglican Church . Carl Shiel and Martin Tchudi were witnesses to

(Jonas died before 14 Apr 1768...probably the date his will was probated.) There are no further records of this name:  He is not in the 1776 Census, the required 1778 Oath of Fidelity, the l790 census, He did not serve in the Revolution.  All Maryland counties for these records, including listings that might be alternate spelling of Otenback or Adenbaugh/bach were checked. Neither of the two best sources for Passenger Lists of German Emigrants have a name that can be construed as Odenbaugh or Otenbaugh (the Germans used "d" and "t" interchangeably).  He would have had to be in America for several years before he could be naturalized.

Jonas Odenbach does not need to come from the village of Odenbach in the Palatinate. Odenbach is a common name in Germany.

I would try to understand who the persons in the records are.
Who is Charles Shield? He seems to come from England.
Did Jonas come with him from England?
Many Palatinates cames thru England to America. There are books around which tell that Palatinates settled in England and moved further on to America. That was in the beginning of the 1700s.
Who is Valentine Hush? Again that is English
Who is William Piper? Again he is English
Who is Marti (Martin?!) Tschudi. Tschudi could be Swiss.

Charles ODENBAUGH, son of Jonas  ODENBAUGH

From: "The Tenmile County and Its Pioneer Families.  A Genealogical History of the Upper Monongahela Valley" by Howard L. Leckey. Charles Odenbaugh came to Franklin Township from Baltimore, Maryland. He was a son of a nobleman, Jonas Stohler von Adenbach.(Note: I think this was spelled different ways on different sources.)   Charles Odenbaugh married (1) June 28, 1785, Martha DEAN, who died and he married (2) 1795, Catherine, daughter or Christian FRY.  She was born May 30, 1776, and died September 7, 1841.  After the death of Charles Odenbaugh, she married (2) James BRADFORD, born January 31, 1754, died April 18, 1822.  Other possible date for Catherine (Fry) Odenbaugh-Bradford, as taken from tombstone in East Waynesburg Cemetery, is "died on September 7, 1844, aged 65 years, 3 months, 8 days."  Orphans Court Docket 1, pp. 126, lists the children of Charles and Catherine (Fry) Odenbaugh as of January 1818, after she had married James BRADFORD.  All named were minors for whom William T. Hays served as guardian.

Charles Odenbaugh  born about 1760 in Baltimore County, MD? married Martha DEAN in 1785 and they had one son (first name unknown) who practiced medicine in Ohio. On 27 Feb 1786, Charles ODENBAUGH, of Baltimore County, MD signed a lease. So it would seem likely that he was still living in Baltimore at this time.
Probabilities on the name of Charles and Martha (DEAN) ODENBAUGH's son: 1) Charles-since he didn't name any of his six sons by his second wife after himself....but so many of his sons named their sons after themselves? 2) ????
From book titled "Maryland Marriages 1778-1800": Charles Odenbaugh married Martha Dean on July 2, 1785, pursuant to Marriage License Record of Rev. Richard Whatcoat of Methodist Episcopal Church, filed Nov. 1785.

LDS marriage index lists Charles Odenbaugh married to Martha Dean on two different dates (listed as though they were two different Charles): 28 June 1785 and 2 July 1785, Baltimore County, Maryland

Charles remarried to Catherine FRY (info below) and died April 22, 1813 in War of 1812, Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania 

Name: Charles Odenbaugh
Rank: Private Description of service: 22nd regiment infantry
Time of decease: April 22, 1813
Names of the heirs: Jacob, Samuel, Thomas, George, Christian, Elizabeth, and Daniel Odenbaugh
Annual Allowance: 48 00 Sums Received: 240 00
When placed on the pension roll: January 20, 1820
Commencement of pension: February 17, 1815
Ending of pension: February 17, 1820

Since daugher Mary (ODENBAUGH) Hughes was married in March 1815, even though the "commencement of pension on 17 Feb 1815" was a month earlier, this or her age could be the reason Mary's name is not listed with "names of the heirs."

Jonas' son Charles and Martha DEAN had one son
Jonas' son Charles and Catherine (FRY) Odenbaugh had 8 children

Charles ODENBAUGH (est 1760-1813) m. Catherine FRY b: May 30, 1776  m: Abt. 1795  d: 7 Sep 1841 in Waynesburg, Franklin Twp., Greene County, Pennsylvania  Father: Christian FRY  Mother: Eve Margaret EBERHART per 2 sources. After the death of Charles ODENBAUGH , she married (2) James BRADFORD, (1754-1822) and they had a son, David BRADFORD.
Charles was a widower with one son when he married Catherine. They had eight children. Charles died while the children were relatively young. Catherine remarried having another child. I would think Catherine and James BRADFORD probably had a large farm with the ten children (although Mary and perhaps a few others were married before she married James BRADFORD. It would be nice to identify where Charles and Catherine and later Catherine and James BRADFORD lived. Perhaps it is identified in the letters regarding her estate in 1847.
George ODENBAUGH Sr., took out letters in his mother's Catherine (FRY) Odenbaugh's estate in March 1847 (seems like an error to be done six years later?)...George probably outlived all of his siblings...but I don't know Jacob or Samuel's dates of death.