, b 1854-55, PA, died 1892 in Mary Adelaide "Addie" "Reirich or Rarrick" and lived/died in Manchester, Iowa

B J ODENBAUGH Jenkins bjjenkins@w-link.net researches this line

No verification that this line descends from Jonas. But probability is highest that he descends from George Washington ODENBAUGH Sr. and his first wife (??? would be interesting if her last name turned out to be Jennings-as in "James Jennings Odenbaugh born in 1883, son of James J.) but this is speculation.

The names of William and James (James named his second son William) are the best to research.  George Washington ODENBAUGH Jr. who mentioned "James J. Odenbaugh, son of my deceased brother William" There are several other "William ODENBAUGHs" that could also be the father of James.

If  this James ODENBAUGH b. 1854-1855 in Pennsylvania was the son of William ODENBAUGH (born 1831 and half-brother of George Washington ODENBAUGH Jr., the 1850 Census which lists William Odenbaugh in Marrion Twp., Greene County, PA page 241 is probably the best source to check if William Odenbaugh is listed with a son James.  I believe I saw a note stating that William, son of George W. Odenbaugh, Sr. was listed as living with with Rev. and Catherine Odenbaugh Sigfried (George Sr.'s sister), but this note was based on information obtained over 30 years ago, so it would be best to look at all the census records all William and James Odenbaughs from the 1820s on.

Charles' son Daniel had a son William H. ODENBAUGH. The next older son was born in 1851 making them the same generation. Or the only birthdate for the one of Daniel's six children could be wrong. Since Daniel was born about 1812, that would make it possible that his son William would have been old enough to be the father of James born about 1854-1855. 

Charles' son Christian had sons James B. ODENBAUGH born between 1830-1855 and  William H. ODENBAUGH b: 22 Mar 1860 in PA   d: August 14, 1876 (these dates are likely to be in error).

The other possibilities are:
1) Jonas>Charles>Samuel who moved to Indiana-.except a generation would have had to return to PA for James J's birth
2) Jonas>Charles>Lisbon who moved to Edgar County, Indiana...a generation would have had to return to PA for James J's birth
3) Jonas>Charles>Jacob> son born about 1810/1820 and son born about 1830 listed in census but first names not known.
4) Descending for Jonas>Charles and Martha DEAN> firstname unkown (probably born MD...later it was written this son practiced medicine in Ohio...assuming he had son's to carry the name forward...again a generation would have to return to PA for James J.'s birth
5) Not descending from Jonas....possibly related to the second group of ODENBAUGHs that we have not connected to Jonas.
6) Jonas>Charles>Thomas Jefferson Odenbaugh-unlikely due to extensive research on this line

It would be interesting if James J. Odenbaugh (1854/55-1892) had the same full name as his son James Jennings ODENBAUGH (which seems likely) and also if the "Jennings" middle name was perhaps the maiden name of his mother, grandmother or another relative.

1) James J. ODENBAUGH-b. in Pennsylvania, estimated 1854-1855 from his son James Jennings Odenbaugh's death certificate: father (James) was 28 when James Jennings ODENBAUGH was born in 1883.  James J. died about 1892 when his son James Jennings ODENBAUGH was only 9 years old and if this was the oldest child, it is very understandable that information on the family history is not as well known.

James J. married Mary Adelaide "Addie" "Reirich or Rarrick" (or possibly Burick or Pearick) since both my aunt and her cousin were consistent in the first letter of the last name being "R." Obtaining death certificates for James J. and Addie's three other children would help greatly in determining "Addie's" maiden name since they  the parents names and birthplaces will be in other people's handwriting. They might also have the town in PA for James J's birth.

"Addie" was 22 when James Jennings was born, so she was born in 1860 or 1861. Born in Iowa on May 14 of some year  She had a sister named Myra.  Her mother was married about three times.  Her mother was known as "Grandma Meade" by BJ's aunt and her cousin.  

Addie ODENBAUGH did remarry around 1900 to a Walter Davis, lived in Minneapolis, MN; both buried there.  They had one son Walter Davis, who lived at moved to California and died there in 1970's.

Iowa sent official certified copies plus (not very good) photocopies of the original hand-written documents.  The "official certified" copies are someone's interpretation of the hand-written originals.  My great grandmother's maiden name appears as Burick or Pearick.  So I'm still not positive how her maiden name was spelled.  Pronounced Rarrick--so obviously the B and P in the "certified" copies are both incorrect.  My aunt wasn't sure, thought Rarick, her cousin Bee thinks Reirich. Since her daughter Ida (ODENBAUGH) Emerson was buried near Manchester, Iowa, perhaps the surrounding plots include her mothers relatives (especially since her mother was born in Iowa...and her maiden name can be determined from the headstones.

1-1) James Jennings ODENBAUGH, born 3 April 1883 in Manchester, Iowa (per his death certificate). He married Amelia MITCH in Manchester, Iowa, on September 9, 1903. Manchester, Iowa is SE of Dubuque, IA which borders the Illinois/Wisconsin state lines. The MITCH family was also from Manchester, Iowa.

1-1) Theron ODENBAUGH b. 14 Dec 1904  d. July 1965 (no children)
1-2) Cyril ODENBAUGH b. 1907 married Francis maidenNameUnknown. d. 1975. six children:

    1-2-1Thomas C. "Tommy ODENBAUGH" Korean Conflict Death Index: Odenbaugh, Thomas C, age 31, Home: Golden Valley, ND; Service No. 19350542, Rank E2; US Army Reserve, Killed in Action, Death Record 500822, Caucasian, U.S. Citizen

1-3)James (1912-1965) in Beach, ND m. Marian MaidenNameUnkown. Marian died in 1997. their only child:      1-3-1 Jeanette ODENBAUGH  b.? d. 1996

1-4) Joseph ODENBAUGH b. 1915 Beach, North Dakota d. 1991 + Irene MaidenNameUnknown had four children: 3 daughters, 1 son who now has two daughters

ODENBAUGH, Irene 1921-1983 s/s Joseph Odenbaugh
ODENBAUGH, Joseph 1915-1991 s/s Irene Odenbaugh

1-5) Eleanor ODENBAUGH born 1917, Beach, ND.  

1-2)William ODENBAUGH lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, buried Veteran's Cemetery in Minneapolis. He married Emily Lastnameknown and they had four children: Harold, Lillian, Robert B., and one son living. 
    1-2-1) Harold ODENBAUGH b. 13 Dec 1918 d. Dec 1986 in Maryland. Harold married four times.
a) Harold and his first wife had Patrick ODENBAUGH (possibly P. Odenbaugh 21 May 1944-1991 per SS CD)
b) Harold married Judy MaidenNameUnkown b. 28 Mar 1905 d. 1992. They had a son named Sonny ODENBAUGH who died as an infant. They also have another son, living in 1998, who has three children including twin girls.
c) Harold married Jeannie MaidenNameUnkown who was born in Germany. They met while he was in the US Military stationed in Germany. They had at least one daughter but possibly more children.
d) Harold married again. His widow is living, so we'll leave her name off until she tells us otherwise.
        1-2-2) Lillian ODENBAUGH she was known as "Aunt Lee"
        1-2-3) Robert B. ODENBAUGH born April 7, 1928 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chesaning, Michigan passed away suddenly on October 31, 1997, at Memorial Healthcare Center in Owosso. Age 69 years.
He married Elizabeth Lastnameknown on September 6, 1947. They had just celebrated their 50th anniversary. He was a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Chesaning and had formerly been a Chesaning Volunteer Fireman. He retired from Buick Engine Plant #36 with 39 years of service. He was a member of Local #599. Surviving are his wife Elizabeth; five children and their spouses, Laura and Henry Lastnameknown of Chesaning; Susan and Earl Lastnameknown of Chesaning; and two sons; Cheryl and Joe Lastnameknown of Chesaning; one brother, David of Chesaning; 13 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his parents and one brother and one sister. Funeral Mass took place  at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church with burial in Resurrection Cemetery.
    1-2-4) A son of William and Emily is living in 1998

1-3) Ida ODENBAUGH married Frank EMERSON. No children. Ida lived in Yates, Montana, buried near Manchester, Iowa (other family members in same cemetery).

1-4) Eva ODENBAUGH married Charlie BORTH. Three children. Eve (ODENBAUGH) BORTH remarried to Rube Clark in her 60's and lived in Beach, ND.

Violet Elsie "Girlie" BORTH b. 3 Dec 1908
Thelma Lorraine BORTH b. 18 Nov 1916
Wanda Lotus BORTH