I am not accepting new clients at this time unless they have a connection to my family tree.

georgeann.jpg (37449 bytes) Georgeann Malowney offers research services specializing in Scots-Irish, Famine Irish, Pennsylvania, Colonial Maryland, Colonial New England, Internet research, Library research, Washington libraries and archives.

Nearly all of Georgeann's ancestry is Scots-Irish or Famine Irish. She is continually finding information to make their histories more complete. She is familiar with migration patterns of the Irish in America, church records, and Irish and Catholic fraternal organizations.

Georgeann has been researching family and community histories for many years. She created one-name studies for MALOWNEY, McREDMOND and ODENBAUGH (her grandmother's maiden name) to organize and analyze all records for those unique surnames.  She has authored family histories including MALOWNEY Family History Worldwide and updated FULTON Family of Westmoreland County, PA. She is developing community histories for Springfield, Ohio and Redmond, WA.

Requests generally fall into two categories:

Researching family history is a personal experience. Georgeann has many tips from her years of experience. Searching unique surnames like MALOWNEY or McREDMOND requires different tactics than names like WHITE. Some people create one-name studies to analyze all records for some surnames. Some need to study all the people in the same general area with a surname to identify the relationships until they find their ancestors. It is important to use * or "wildcards" with portions of some surnames to retrieve additional names with spelling variations. Remember, your ancestors names were usually recorded by others who might not have understood their Irish broque.

Some Irish surnames Georgeann has researched include: Barry, Biggins , Campbell , Chapman, Churchill, Connaughton/Cavenaughton,Craig, Curry, Dean, Devaney, Donahue, Dugan,  Fulton, Garrity, Geraghty, Gibson, Griffin, Guthrie, Hartley, Kearns,  Lawless, Lyle, Maloney, Malowney, Mapel/Maple,  Marquis, Mason, McCardell, McClain/McClean,  McConnell, McFarland, McGivney, McRedmond, Mitchel,  Moloney/Molony, Moorhead,  Morse, Mullowney, Murphy, Rea, Rooney, Shields, Sloan, Urie, White.

Community histories for:

Previous and Current Irish research includes:


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I charge for all research and reporting time. I do not charge for travel to the repositories I visit regularly. I do charge for time to travel to other sites such as county courthouses. The stated fee includes incidental copy and postage fees.

An hourly rate is charged, which includes initial review of request, actual research hours, and report preparation.  Charges for expenses might include photocopies, postage, long-distance phone calls, mileage, and parking fees. 

For an estimate or specific fee information, please send details of your research problem to georgeann@msn.com 

Request for Research 

Please include "request for estimate of costs for research services" when you email regarding services  you would like to pay for. If it is within the scope of my specialties, I'll send a estimate, if not, I can refer you to other researchers. 

Send research problem, stating your goals of this particular search, along with deposit and authorization of specific amount of time allowed to be spent or dollar limit.  (Payment can be made by paypal, check, or money order.)

If further research is still possible beyond the specified limit, a preliminary report will be furnished along with suggestions of further research that can be done.

Research requests are handled in the order received.  If the research cannot be completed within three weeks of date request is received, the client will be notified.

All requests should include any of the following information that would aid in the research:

Often it is more beneficial to do a total family research, rather than searching only a direct ancestry.  Please advise if specific items need to be researched or whether general research on the family is desired.